This portion of our website is devoted to information about hyperparathyroidism.  My name is John Kennedy.  DeKalb Surgical Associates is located in Decatur, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.  I have had an interest in parathyroid surgery ever since my surgical training almost 30 years ago.  While there, I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. William McGarity at Emory University, who at the time was one of the leading experts on surgery for the parathyroid.  Then in about 1995, I had the opportunity to learn the new minimally invasive techniques we now use, from Dr. James Norman in Tampa.  Most people who do any Internet searching about parathyroid disease will have seen his website.  My approach to the management of hyperparathyroidism is very similar to his.

How to navigate the pages

I have designed this website to give you a simple yet reasonably thorough understanding of the disease we call hyperparathyroidism.  One page is devoted to explaining the normal function of parathyroid glands.  Another explains what we know about the development of high calcium levels, or hypercalcemia, in some people.  The other pages discuss the relatively simple methods for diagnosing hyperparathyroidism, the tests we use before and during surgery, the surgery itself, and what to expect after surgery.  I hope you find our website helpful to you.  We always welcome any questions or comments by email.  Thank you for visiting!

Normal parathyroid gland function

Hypercalcemia (high calcium levels)

Diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism

Surgery for hyperparathyroidism

What to expect after surgery