Information on Screening Mammography

This information is provided to help you be informed about screening mammography, and to help you decide when and how often you might want to have it done.  Although screening mammography is widely accepted as a necessary test for all women, there is some debate about how often it should be done, at what age to begin, and at what age to stop.  There really is no right or wrong answer.  For some women, that might cause a lot of anxiety, but it should be reassuring that you can take an active role in deciding what’s best for you, by customizing your own screening plan.
And an important point before we go any further, screening mammography refers to a study that is done in the absence of ANY symptom whatsoever, such as a LUMP, some DRAINAGE FROM THE NIPPLE, or PAIN.  If you go in to be checked because of some such symptom, the study is considered a DIAGNOSTIC mammogram, and the information included here does NOT apply.
Depending on your own situation, you might want just some basic information, or you might want to know as much as possible.  There are three separate pages, which give varying amounts of information, so you can choose how much information you are provided, to help you make a decision.  Feel free to discuss this further with you physician, and let him or her know you have used this website.
I just want the most basic information
I would like to have more than just the basic information, but not too complicated (detailed)
I want to have all the available information to help decide for myself