DeKalb Surgical Physician Dr. Michael Champney Receives Training and Certification Using the Minimally-Invasive da Vinci Surgery Method

Dr. Champney enjoys a broad practice in the field of general surgery, and he has received training and certification using the minimally-invasive da Vinci Surgery Method. He performs da Vinci Surgery at both DeKalb Medical and Northside Hospital.

Dr. Champney has a special interest in advanced laparoscopic surgery, robotically assisted laparoscopic surgery and laparoscopic colon surgery. He performed the first single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy at DeKalb Medical Center in 2008. He has subsequently performed over 100 single incision laparoscopic surgeries.  More recently, he performed the first robotically assisted laparoscopic splenectomy at Dekalb Medical.

The da Vinci® Surgery Experience

Over the past decade, more than 1.5 million surgeries have been performed worldwide using the da Vinci ® Surgical System.

Finding out that you need surgery can be unsettling and even frightening. Discussing all surgical options with your doctor is an important step in understanding what is right for you. If your doctor recommends da Vinci Surgery as one of your options, this document will help to answer some of your questions.

What is da Vinci Surgery and how can it help me?

da Vinci Surgery is a less invasive technique than traditional surgery. With da Vinci Surgery, the cuts (incisions) made in your body by your surgeon are much smaller than the cut made during traditional (also called “open”) surgery.

What is the da Vinci Surgical System?

The da Vinci Surgical System is a tool that utilizes advanced, robotic technologies to assist your surgeon with your operation. It does not act on its own and its movements are controlled by your surgeon. The da Vinci Surgical System has a 3D high definition (3D-HD) vision system, special instruments and computer software that allow your surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control. The 3D-HD image can be magnified up to 10 times so your surgeon has a close-up view of the area he or she is operating on. The da Vinci instruments have mechanical wrists that bend and rotate to mimic the movements of the human wrist – allowing your surgeon to make small, precise movements inside your body. And, da Vinci software can minimize the effects of a surgeon’s hand tremors on instrument movements.

Is da Vinci Surgery covered by insurance?

Surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System is a type of minimally invasive surgery. Most insurance plans include da Vinci Surgery in their minimally invasive coverage. Major insurance plans, including United, Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield, cover da Vinci Surgery. Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

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